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Assange runs for Australian senate Former Prime Minister Paul Keating , when pressed to name an election date, told the leader of the opposition he wouldn’t reveal the date because, “I want to do you slowly. But not since leader of the Labor opposition Mark Latham broke a taxi driver’s arm in a dispute over a cab fare in have Australians had the chance to elect a real brawler as premier. Latham’s bid for prime minister failed, but in Abbott, the leader of the Liberal-National Coalition, the country may have found a natural successor.

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View Full Document This is the end of the preview. Sign up to access the rest of the document. Second, the model highlights the relationship between the Prime Minister and the Chancellor in policy-making, because they are the most resource-laden individuals within government, and this is strongly reflected in the EMU case. As Smith , p. Third, this model also constructs a theoretical account of the revelations made in leaked inside stories from within government.

A characteristic of the EMU policy-making process was a series of leaked governmental papers and inside stories given to the press by aides to both Blair and Brown, whether authorised or not. This model views those revelations as a tactic utilised by actors in order to achieve their goals. The successes and failures in these media battles, enriched by these revelations, and the consequent impressions perceived by the public of their competence in turn influenced the gains and losses in their respective image-shaping and bargaining powers in the struggle for policy control.

The Rational Choice Theory Interpretation Rational choice theory sees human beings as intentional subjects with their own preferences, values and interests. They act in their own self-interest and seek to maximise their personal resources through the process of optimising resources. Policy-making is seen as an outcome of rational calculations by individuals in choosing whether or how to react to the constraints of outside structures, which may be group demands, sets of institutions or wider socio-economic contexts.

The dynamics of how and why individuals choose to cooperate consists of, and accounts for, policy-making. The theory fittingly explains the EMU policy-making process in four ways.

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Modi on the Issue of Women’s Safety in India

Christensen March 27, Outline: Email forward claims that former Australian Prime Minister John Howard told the media that immigrants should adapt to Australian culture, language and beliefs or leave the country. It also claims that Howard told Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law that they should get out of Australia. Contains elements of truth, but is highly misleading and inaccurate Update:

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It is entirely a matter for the PM of the time to decide where to go from that formal role. Not in the job for the position, prestige or glory — of which there is very little — but for the things you can do to make a difference for the better. Am prepared to put an enormous amount of time and effort into getting a good job done. Dr Brash, whilst putting himself before the electorate as a candidate for the role of PM, said a PM is expected to chair the Cabinet, appoint Ministers, advise the Governor-General and act as a spokesperson for the Government.

Dr Brash believes he would be a very proactive and involved Prime Minister. Leadership and management is a key aspect of the job. Dr Brash was the Reserve Bank Governor before stepping down to enter politics in He has had a long a career in management and finance, including five years at the World Bank and as Managing Director of New Zealand Kiwifruit Authority.

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Share Even as the Congress and the BJP make tall claims about Gujarat elections, truth is that nerves are taut in both parties. For the Congress, the fight has been spearheaded by new president Rahul Gandhi, whose energetic leadership has made the party hopeful of a good show. The party has claimed it is set to win of the seats in the Gujarat legislative Assembly. However, the party has had to work extra hard in the state this time.

The Prince was accompanied at the reception by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara. On arrival the trio were shown a selection of forward-thinking Tech companies.

And yet there are many influential politicians, heads of state even, who felt more married to the job than any need for a flesh-and-blood mate. Here is a brief list of ten powerful politicians who never married. James Buchanan James Buchanan, Jr. In , Buchanan proposed to and was accepted by Ann Caroline Coleman, the daughter of wealthy iron manufacturing businessman Robert Coleman and sister-in-law of Philadelphia judge Joseph Hemphill, one of Buchanan’s colleagues from the House of Representatives.

He was extremely busy with his law firm and political projects during the Panic of , which took him away from Ann for weeks at a time. The relationship felt prey to rumors of various kinds; after Buchanan paid a visit to the wife of a friend, Ann broke off the engagement. She died soon afterward, on December 9, During his tenure as president, Buchanan turned to Harriet Lane, an orphaned niece, whom he had earlier adopted, to act as his official hostess of the White House.

Millionaire Match has many rich and powerful men looking for women to date and marry Julia Goddard Julia Gillard is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia and most importantly the first woman to hold the office in her country. On 24 June , after Rudd lost the support of his party and stood aside, Gillard became federal leader of the Australian Labor Party and thus was made the Prime Minister on 24 June

Haiti Prime Minister Relationship With Petra Nemcova Stirring Controversy

The system is a series of conventions and procedures for operating a legislature. It is used, or was once also used, in most Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth nations. There are other parliamentary systems, for example those of various European countries, whose procedures differ considerably from the Westminster system. Aspects of the Westminster system include: In most countries, this is either a monarch or a representative of the monarch e. Most of the procedures of the Westminster system originated with the conventions, practices and precedents of the UK parliament, which are a part of what is known as the British constitution.

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet amid continuing anti-government protests.

Manmohan Singh has expressed his desire to make Jammu and Kashmir a model state of the country even as he said that after the Lok Sabha elections, a comprehensive plan for accelerated development of the State would be formulated. He appreciated the leadership qualities of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister briefed Dr. Singh about the law and order situation in the State and said there was absolutely no difference of opinion between the State government and the Army on the issue of security.

He said the government was satisfied with the action taken by the Army in the Bomai incident. He told the Prime Minister that the State government was acting on his commitment of zero tolerance on human rights violations and care was taken to ensure that the security forces were careful while disseminating their duties.

MKs slam Netanyahu over his son dating a non-Jewish Norwegian woman

Message of congratulations to Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom on election victory Your Excellency, I would like to extend congratulations on your impressive victory in election to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. I am delighted that you will continue to work for the good of the people of your country and of all Europe as you perform the duties of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I sincerely congratulate you and send my best wishes for your every success and wisdom in discharging the important and responsible duties of your position.

I am confident that the trust placed in you by the citizens of the United Kingdom will inspire you to continue important efforts in promoting the unity of your country, leading it on the path of prosperity, further well-being and security for your people. I am very pleased that the United Kingdom and Lithuania are becoming increasingly close partners. I firmly believe that our countries will continue to develop dynamic, mutually beneficial relations, and that our joint initiatives in the fields of security, economy and science will strengthen both nations.

After an inconclusive trip to Brussels to meet EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker, the British prime minister said she would return [ ] Rejoice Ewodage The Weeknd and his supermodel girlfriend Bella Hadid are reportedly planning to take their relationship to the next level. The pair who have been on and off since they started dating in got.

This drama continues to thrum along with all the right beats even if all the narrative milestones are nothing new to behold. Right now Da Jung and Yul are standing right at the edge of trying to figure out their feelings for each other within the context of their agreed upon contract marriage. Happy-go-lucky Da Jung takes it a day at a time, but stoic and hesitant Yul tries to put up a fight despite it being a losing proposition already.

Hye Joo is turning out to be less vindictive and more pathetically hopeless. It was enlightening to hear In Ho point out that Joon Ki pretty much has a contract marriage with his rich wife as well, making it clear that any marriage based on need and mutual agreement on certain terms is no less a contract of sorts. Its clear Da Jung and Yul are giving their marriage a shot in everything other than the love part which makes it as valid as any marriage where each party fulfills the duties of husband, wife, and parent.

I continue to love all the conversations and dialogue in this drama and the quick resolution of any disagreement between Yul and Da Jung emphasizes how thoughtful and considerate they are of each other. They may not see eye-to-eye, but they are not averse to looking at the situation through the lens of the other person. Da Jung is winning over the support of the kids little by little without a lot of fanfare using only care and affection.

I can accept that her optimistic personality is probably the reason In Ho started to like her as well, and his candor in confessing his feelings to her did make my heart twinge for a second since he looked so sincere. Da Jung runs after the errant Woo Ri and clearly needs some lessons on basic traffic signals because she darts into the cross walk after the light turns red. In perfect K-drama coincidence, a truck happens by and is about to mow Da Jung down and end our drama early until Yul magically appears and pulls her to safety.

They roll a few times sadly the rolling is done in public and not anywhere in the sack and land by the sidewalk. Da Jung is surprised to see hubby here and Yul understandably yells at her for yet another impetuous near disaster averted.

Carla Bruni – Who did she date before marrying French president?