Life here revolves around long beach strolls, dhow sailing and exploration of the old Swahili settlements—with their unique coral-stone townhouses. We rented one of such houses, in Shela Village: Lamu is the kind of island where the only forms of transport available are dhows, donkeys… and your own feet. Located couple of kilometers south of Lamu Town, where the channel opens to the ocean, Lamu is not much more than a pretty waterfront and a jumble of narrow sandy pathways that lead to sand dunes and a vast, empty beach. Jaha is a multistorey tranquil hideaway, elegant and cool. The house has a great design sense: Outdoor-indoor This magical, serene place can accommodate from 2 to 8 people in four double bedrooms we slept in a different one every night! Jaha has a fully equipped kitchen on the ground floor where the local chef reigns: Jaha House has a great design sense. The dining room is done up in a loft style with a library and scattered Swahili beds—half covered by the traditional thatched Makuti roof.

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Shela House owns four private villas in Shela Village on Lamu: the Beach House Lamu, the Shela read more Samaki House Lamu Samaki House is a lovingly restored yr Arab Merchants Mansion – a beautiful and outstanding relic from when Lamu Town served as a wintering point for Arab trading Dhows.

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Arab and Portuguese forts, medieval towns and the overgrown, deserted ruins of Swahili outposts bear witness to centuries of trade between Africa, Middle East and Europe. The island of Lamu epitomizes this heritage. Peaceful, tropical, laid-back, bohemian—and still unspoiled by mass tourism: Lamu is a place like no other. Life here revolves around long beach strolls, dhow sailing and exploration of the old Swahili settlements—with their unique coral-stone townhouses.

Shela Village, which is still located on Lamu Island, unlike Lamu town, is dotted by villas and vacation homes owned by the rich and famous. It is reported that one of the private residencies along the Shela beachfront is owned by an aristocrat from Monaco.

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The county has been positioning itself as a destination for festivals under the new county dispensation, partly to prop up with the limited number of tourists who have been flowing to the archipelago due to travel advisories, and also to introduce and possibly increase the number of domestic tourists. During the set of seven days NairobiNow was in the county, we took some time to discover the Lamu archipelago and what it has to offer. Getting there There are two ways of getting to Lamu Island; one is by road which should take you approximately 24 hours or more from Nairobi to Lamu, using public means.

This mode might also involve taking a stop in Mombasa or Malindi since vehicles connecting to Lamu from either Mombasa or Malindi leave at specific times. The journey by road also has a fair share of roadblocks and the route from Malindi to Lamu involves waiting for Police escort, which you might have to wait at some point. If you choose to use this means, make sure you carry a form of identification, either your national identification card or passport.

If you decide to drive yourself, note that you will leave your car at Kikoni, as no cars are allowed at the Island. A more detailed account of getting there by road has been penned by Safari However, an easier and no frills method of getting to Lamu is by taking a flight which will see you land at Manda Island. There are a number of operators which ply this route with the latest entry being the low cost carrier, JamboJet flying to and from Lamu at least once a day from JKIA.

If you book really early you will enjoy competitive prices.

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The Red Pepper House lies between an acacia forest and red pepper trees. Wazi Dubu villas spacious, cool design and palm fringed position have made it a great favorite with families on holiday and party groups alike. The Subira House is located directly behind the Old Fort and Lamu Market, Life at Subira House is inspiring and with the new WIFI internet access in the house you have great possibilities to focus your creativity into something fantastic.

The house staffs at Shella House are extremely friendly,. Shela House owns four private villas in Shela Village on Lamu: The Samaki House overlooks the waterfront with its coming and goings of Sailing Dhows, and other watercraft. The elevated position and airy design of Pepo House ensures that it always catches the lightest of Indian Ocean breezes. Palm House is designed around an open courtyard with a Pemba palm.

At Mikes Camp you are offered your own private island where you are safe and undisturbed. The Mwenye Amin house is thought to be over years old. Kusini House named after the South Monsoon Wind that gently blows through the palms trees; Kusini House Lamu Island offers simplicity, read more Kuni Jogoo house Lamu Island Kuni Jogoo house stands on a small sand dune, allowing a panoramic view over the beach and channel.

Built in a U shape around the pool and gardens, the house offers exceptionally spacious public areas and large terraces. Jahazi Beach House Kizingoni Beach Lamu is situated two degrees south of the Equator read more Jaha House Lamu Island Jaha House is an exclusive secluded beach house located at the northern end of Shela village, where the houses meet the sea and the ancient craft of dhow building is still practiced with bow drill and traditional hand read more Garden House Lamu Island Garden House is located in Shela Village on the island of Lamu on the north coast of Kenya.