Finn risks alienation by the football team after joining the Glee Club at the beginning of the series. In Season One , Finn dates popular head cheerleader Quinn Fabray , until he discovers that she slept with his best friend, Noah Puckerman , and lied about Finn being the father of her child. He also graduates from McKinley High in Goodbye. Due to the death of his portrayer, he died during the fifth season , and The Quarterback was a tribute for him. Contents Biography Early life Finn’s father, who was a United States Marine, was originally believed to have died while serving in Iraq when Finn was very young, so he was raised by his mother, Carole. Finn discovered his love of singing during a chance encounter with a lawn specialist dating his mom, and for the first time he knew, he was special and good at something. Finn struggles to make his mother proud of him and make her happy. Finn is the quarterback of the school’s football team, a role he takes very seriously, despite his moral misgivings, he is reluctantly involved in bullying the less popular kids. Finn has been dating the head cheerleader, Quinn, for four months.

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Contact Sunday, September 11, Restraining the promiscuous woman: I am totally procrastination queen but anyway, I got to “Duets” and something really stood out and that was the storyline between my beloved Brit Brit and Artie. When it first aired I was way too excited by the PG Brittana action to notice anything else about this episode, which is why I haven’t written about this before.

Granted this episode happened before Santana had come out as gay, to Brittany anyway, so I guess that knowledge has affected my viewing as well.

Santana and Brittany Start Dating September 11, Finn and Rachel think that Sam is dating Kurt after they see him wearing Kurts jacket, specifically citing the common practice among girls of wearing their boyfriends jackets.

Here is a partial! The show spent an entire season showing us in great detail how mysophobic Emma is, how devoted she is to staying within her bubble. A vindication of pelvic massage for the treatment of hysteria! Early on in the episode Mike volunteers to play Dr. And that is fucked. Then we come to the next bit of fanservice: While I appreciate their including queer ladies in the series, having those queer ladies be high school cheerleaders is a little too on-the-nose.

Nothing I like better than implied tribadism on a prime time television show. It moves the image away from sexy ladies fondling their sexy ladyparts while pining for a man, and towards actual, occurs-in-the-world lesbian sex. With all the build-up about Finn being concerned with his weight, his abdominals were pretty defined. Glee has a nasty habit of removing the message from anything it covers, watering it down until it lacks all subtlety and nuance, and then just telling you what the entire episode was about at the end anyway.

Brittana / Santitany (Glee)?

Britney Spears on “Glee” — all that and less Posted by Emily Yahr [This blog post has been updated] After months of hearing about Britney Spears on “Glee” — star Matthew Morrison dismissing amusedly the notion that the show was going to do a Britney Spears episode, Morrison taking back what he said about Britney Spears and “Glee,” Morrison insisting Britney Spears and “Glee” go together like peanut butter and jelly — the episode finally aired Tuesday night.

What did the Brittany channels Britney on “Glee. No, not on the music Five songs, chock-full of Britney Spears-lookalike Heather Morris, also known as cheerleader Brittany, the character who famously informed the world that dolphins are just gay sharks.

As you’d expect, Trouty Mouth scored the lowest at (ha-ha), all those nights Brittany shouted Santana’s name while faking it apparently did a number on him, and we should feel kind of sorry that somewhere along the line the writers decided to make him stupid, but we .

He uses a wheelchair, and is constantly bullied by members of the school football team. Club and a member of the Academic Decathlon team as well. The other students hold a fund-raising bake sale, but although they make enough money to hire a bus, Artie requests that they donate it to the school to pay for more wheelchair ramps in order to benefit future students. He goes on a date with club member Tina Cohen-Chang Jenna Ushkowitz , who stutters, and explains that he was left paralyzed following a car crash when he was eight years old.

The two share a kiss, but Artie is hurt when Tina confesses she has been faking her speech impediment since the sixth grade. Tina publicly confronts him for this behavior, and Artie apologizes; they kiss and become a couple. She later presents him with research on the progress of spinal cord injury treatments, raising Artie’s hopes that he may soon be able to walk again, but guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury Jayma Mays reminds him that testing for these treatments will take many years.

Artie comes to accept that he may never be a dancer, and tells Tina to choose another dance partner. The new football coach, Shannon Beiste Dot-Marie Jones , believes that Finn is colluding against her by forcing her to reject a wheelchair-dependent student, and drops Finn from the team. After re-considering she accepts them both. Brittany Pierce Heather Morris pairs with Artie for the duets assignment and competition, and they start dating.

Artie loses his virginity to Brittany, but before they compete Santana Lopez Naya Rivera tells him that Brittany only wanted him for his voice so she could win the competition.

Quinn Fabray

Season 1[ edit ] Brittany first appears in Glee during the show’s second episode , as a member of William McKinley High’s cheerleading team, the Cheerios. Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch then enlists the three of them to help her destroy the club from the inside. New Directions put a new set list together at the last minute, and go on to win the competition regardless.

Brittany also reveals that she and Santana have had sex, but are not dating. They invite Finn on a date with the both of them, but ignore him throughout the evening and ultimately request that he sit in the car and leave them to finish their meal alone.

“It’s Brittany b*tch”. This was the first time Heather Morris really got to do her thing. It was her character’s first solo and when she paired up with best friend and future wife Santana, it was a perfect performance.

Hopefully it won’t take so long for the next one. I don’t own Glee or the Characters owned by Fox. Expect Blair, Erin and Aaron as they are my own creation. All mistakes are mine as I don’t have a beta at the moment. Sam had followed them out of the choir to the carpark. Sam had told them why he had followed them out.

He had told them why he quit the New Directions as well; he felt that they were being unfair to the girls and was disgusted in how they were treated.

Brittany Pierce

What happens at the end of glee? The Glee students all appear unrealistically to be in the same year of high school. In the 1st year of the show one of them said that she was a sophomore which would make them juniors in the 2nd year of the show, which would make them 16 or

If “Jagged Little Tapestry” were a very special Glee episode about very special Glee episodes, it would be problem is everything else. There’s no greater example of late-period Glee ennui than Santana and of them have been—and will .

The youngest one, a girl, was born in May of The older one, David, is a few years her senior. When Carlos took paternity leave for the girl, he waited all night, and she appeared at 6 AM. Carlos promptly crashed after she showed up. A month earlier, Brittany threw a party for Carlos on his 29th birthday. Of course, it included balloons, banners, and some huge glob of unidentified dessert that Carlos ate with a spoon.

Brittany knows that Carlos enjoys eating birthday slop. There was also a large plastic bucket next to him, again unidentified. This last spring, the whole family took pictures at some dock on a lake. Their son David did not want to cooperate, and he has mud on both his knees. It was a good attempt, anyway. Meanwhile in the family photo, their daughter is watching events unfold and has her hands in her mouth while Carlos kisses her cheek.


My ribs are finally healed and everything’s back to how they usually are. We postponed the vacation trip for winter break which is about two weeks away. Things couldn’t be any better. I decided to go to the mall to go visit Brittany. What I wasn’t expecting, was to run into Emily. I already talked to Brittany about it and she’s alright with it” she says as she looks back at a unimpressed Brittany.

PUCK: Here’s a little community service coming at ya. You and I are gonna and go on a double date with Santana and Brittany to the ‘Stix. ARTIE: Yeah! The girls of NEW DIRECTIONS sing Start Me Up / Living On A you gotta put yourself out there, try online dating. BIESTE: I’ve never been kissed, Will. It’s the simplest thing. A.

Dani’s first scene is a talk with Santana about her parents negative view on Dani being a lesbian and her fight with them which lead to her leaving home. Santana tells Dani that her grandmother wasn’t ok with Santan’s sexualty either, and about her ex-girlfriend. After the talk, Dani starts acting very flirty towards Santana. Dani tells Santana that she likes to stay at the diner to watch the sunrise and invites Santana to watch it too.

Santana stays with Dani and then they perform Here Comes the Sun , which ends with them at Dani’s house where they say goodbye and share a first kiss. Dani gets excited when Kurt announces that he is starting his own band and she asks if girls are allowed to join. He says yes as he wanted Rachel, Dani and Santana to join as it will save him the agony of having auditions.

Dani and Santana agree to join while Rachel declines later on joins. Santana agrees as long as they get to help with the setlist and have a say in who joins. At the auditions, Dani asks how long do they have to wait here and she playes the guitar when the only person who signed up, Starchild, performs Marry the Night by Lady Gaga. In the next scene, Dani is seen at the loft with Kurt, Santana and Starchild trying to come up with a name for the band.

She suggests the name “The Nipslips” but the name was shot down by Kurt. Rachel jokingly came up with the band name “Pamela Lansbury” and all of them agreed.

Love song (Glee)

I am talking to you! What is your problem? What are you so scared of?

Santana: Making good on her vow to be “the Cheerios top ho” (reluctantly sharing co-captain duties with Becky), Santana plays for “Team Sue,” and sets one of the glee club’s purple pianos on fire. So Mr. Schue, who has finally grown a backbone, boots her off the team for disloyalty.

We start the second half of Season 4 with a WOHN Special Report; we see disgraced Warbler captain Hunter Clarington exit Lima Municipal Court right into a swarm of reporters, one of which daring to ask him “What about the report that you look way too old to be in high school? As Hunter attacks the reporter, we cut back to Intrepid Reporter Rod Remington, who confirms that the Warblers have been done for doping. As such, they are disqualified and a technicality is sending New Directions on to Regionals, of course completely forgetting about the third group that wasn’t disqualified.

As co-anchor Andrea finally snaps after years of mediocre stories, we hit the Title Card. New Directions are officially back in business, and going to Regionals to boot, which is in Indianapolis. Finnegan offers a bake sale, which as Artie points out only worked because Puck made pot cupcakes. Joesus offers up his dreads, we respective the sacrifice. Trouty offers up his swimmers and once again, Vomit Discretion Shot. Besides, ill as we are to say, Brit-Brit’s probably take the lion’s share of it.

Tina, because again, Murphy, proposes an idea that has been swimming around in his perverted little brain since the show began: Artie, for reasons to be revealed later, asks why can’t the girls do it, and Kitty says it’s cause women drive the economy. Fair point, and besides, Marley’s self conscious as is, what are you gonna do, cover her with a cape? Finn, clearly desperate, agrees to it, ceding control of the project to Tina.

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As we begin, we see the wedding venue for the first time, just over the state line in Indiana. Artie Kevin McHale is still acting as their wedding planner and Tina Jenna Ushowitz is complaining as she rolls a bale of hay. Brittany starts to freak out about the wedding and asks Kurt for some advice on how he got through his planning.

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While Brittany is funny, she was funnier more or less in small doses in the early seasons. While there was still too much music and not enough story, we at least had a pretty fun narrative throughout the episode about Brittany S. Pierce suffering from a massive meltdown that was in part thanks to her missing Santana, failing her classes, and getting kicked out of the Cheerios.

Of course, this story eventually led to Britney undergoing a comeback of sorts, and it does look like she is starting to get on her feet again. This is great news for those of you who want to see Brittany happy, but bad news for those of you who wanted to see her at McKinley High forever. In other news … Jake is dating Kitty rather than Marley.

Finn and Rachel’s Relationship History: Finchel’s Best and Worst Moments

Brittany is secretly a genius, Blaine is going to propose to Kurt anyway, Ryder’s catfish was Unique all along you kids nailed it! Or she’ll be an understudy. I’m going with understudy.

Every cast member on the hit television show had an out-of-this-world voice and they did every song justice. Heck, some of the “Glee” versions did better than the originals! Here are some of the best songs redone by my favorite cast of television’s past.

Edit Brittany and Santana are standing together while Jacob is asking Quinn questions. When he asks Santana about her summer she said it was uneventful and when he asks Brittany she said people thought she was on vacation, but she actually spent all summer lost in the sewers. Santana is listening to Brittany while she explains this. They are sitting together when Mr.

Schue says New Directions style Brittany starts clapping and yelling. Santana is looking over at her lovingly. During the group performance of New York they come running down the stairs with Quinn and sing and dance with the other. Sue calls out Santana for getting a boob job over the summer and demotes her to the bottom of the pyramid.

Santana and Quinn get into a fight in the hall over Quinn taking her head cheerleader spot. Brittany is watching and tells them to “stop the violence”. Schue breaks up the fight Brittany and Santana walk off together. Sue tries to get Coach Beiste fired by getting Brittany to say that she touched her boobs. When she confesses she was lying she says she didn’t touch my boobs, but that she wants to touch her boobs, talking about Coach Beiste.

Glee – 100 – Brittany & Santana Kiss. Puck & Quinn Kiss