I came upon it when I was searching for the missing panos. But on this link yoiu’ll find some pretty amaxing panos. She is helping me get started by following a simple process. Downtown Charleston is popular with visitors for its history and architecture and our Charleston Webcams show many locations. Charleston has snowy winters, a cool spring and hot, muggy summers. The production of cotton cloth also contributes enough to economy of the Sate. Greenhouse, nursery products, live stocks and broilers generate significant revenue and play their role in economic growth. Around times, this territory had been invaded and battles were fought to capture the land.

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I’m blown away by the level of support from fellow rail enthusiasts in building this site. Their willingness to participate in its construction with no prospect of financial gain, just the satisfaction of being involved, is bloody marvellous. Starting in May , Derek’s input has been a massive undertaking and there have been times when the pair of us – just two bungling old geezers with a mutual love for trains and railways – were on our arthritic knees by the sheer size of it all.

Jun 12,  · Catherine Zeta Jones, the actress, John Cale, the musician, and Bryn Parry, the founder of Help for Heroes, were among those honoured in the Queen’s Birthday list. Here are the honours in full.

The above photo was not taken on 13th April as originally captioned Vic Smith from York explains – ‘Having researched railtours involving Flying Scotsman I can hopefully clear up a long term mystery regarding the date of Roy’s photograph of at Durham. The following comments can be found on the ‘Six Bells Junction’ website The white flowers are Yarrow, and these only flower between June and July.

The coaches in Roy’s shot at Durham 1st one white roof appear different to other photos of the tour featured on the Six Bell site, as all others were taken after the stock was reversed at Guiseley. The original railtour scheduled for 13th April was postponed until June 1st , due to engineering work on Shap. The date of Roy’s shot must therefore be 29th June So 29th June it is then A final word from Roy – ‘Looking at the photo now, I can confirm it as not being taken in April.

Spring always comes late to the Durham Area and with all the trees in full leaf, it cannot be April.

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The northern area includes the village of Hartley in Cumbria. In Yorkshire held the No. Halifax, Bradford Wakefield, Sheffield and Barnoldswick were the most populated parishes. In , Lancashire took the No. By Yorkshire had regained the top spot, with Leeds, Bradford, Stanley, Keighley and Horton as the most populated parishes. New industries in the Midlands and South [cars, aircraft etc.

27/10/18 – Adrian, looking on the internet hasn’t really brought much to light regarding dimensions for the Ford, although Wikipedia and the Texas Transportation Museum both state that the Ford Model TT, introduced in and replaced by the Model AA in , had a wheelbase of ins/cms.

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Millom news from The Mail newspaper in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

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Prosecution Why have I received a notice for speeding? Your notice is in line with the Government Strategy to make roads safer for all road users. Exceeding the legal speed limit is an offence for which a fine and penalty points are mandatory. These measures are in place to help reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. Your driving behaviour is the key to the success of this strategy.

Horse Riding Lake District England UK: Cumbrian Heavy Horses, the ultimate horse riding experience with horse riding holidays in the Lake District, Cumbria – U.K’s only specialised equine centre for Clydesdale and Shire heavy horses.

The move the idea of local resident David Kershaw who wants something to be done before someone is seriously injured or killed. He raised the issue at a Brampton parish council’s meeting, urging members to consider installing the secret technology to monitor the behaviour of drivers in the town. Mr Kershaw said it was important to develop a strategy; to get an idea of the scale of the problem by collecting credible data before implementing traffic calming measures if they are needed.

He said the method of collecting data had to be unobtrusive, in order to get real life data with motorists continuing to drive to their normal habits. The technology – a Radar Speed Recorder – would log only the speeds and size of the vehicles, without infringing on any personal information. It’s a scientific approach. It’s not about penalising people coming through the town.

He said drivers speed up after passing them and that they are also a distraction. Daryl Francis, a Speed Watch volunteers, said: The support of Cumbria Police would be needed. A fixed speed camera, Mr Kershaw said, could later be purchased through a crowd funding scheme.

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Recent research has highlighted the potential for lake sediment sequences to act as a relatively untapped archive of high-magnitude floods over these longer timescales. Abyssal lake sediments can record past floods in the form of coarser-grained laminations that reflect the capacity for river flows with greater hydrodynamic energy to transport larger particles into the lake. This paper presents a framework for investigating flood stratigraphies in lakes by reviewing the conditioning mechanisms in the lake and catchment, outlining the key analytical techniques used to recover flood records and highlighting the importance of appropriate field site and methodology selection.

The processes of sediment movement from watershed to lake bed are complex, meaning relationships between measureable sedimentary characteristics and associated river discharge are not always clear.

Wikipedia Description: Carlisle Castle is situated in Carlisle, Cumbria, England. The castle is over years old and has been the scene of many historical episodes in British history.

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It is from my perspective and I hope starts to explain the work which went into the organisation of the GCM! Recently, they decided to relocate to the coast of Cumbria- a move of some miles. Instead of trucking the horses down in lorries, they had the inspiration and the vision to decide to ride them down to their new home, using old drove roads, forest tracks and bridlepaths wherever possible. The plan was to invite clients to ride different legs of the journey, which they christened ‘The Great Clydesdale Migration’.

"Our particular HARTLEY branch stemmed from the area in Westmoreland, [now Cumbria] England, near to Kirkby Stephen. The village of HARTLEY had a keep or small Castle in the 13th century.

Turf wall[ [ edit ]rom Milecastle 49 to the western terminus of the wall at Bowness-on-Solway, the curtain wall was originally constructed from turf, possibly due to the absence of limestone for the manufacture of mortar. This took place in two phases; the first from the River Irthing to a point west of Milecastle 54 , during the reign of Hadrian, and the second following the reoccupation of Hadrian’s Wall subsequent to the abandonment of the Antonine Wall though it has also been suggested that this second phase took place during the reign of Septimius Severus.

The line of the new stone wall follows the line of the turf wall, apart from the stretch between Milecastle 49 and Milecastle 51 , where the line of the stone wall is slightly further to the north. Offsets were introduced above these footing courses on both the north and south faces , which reduced the wall’s width. Where the width of the curtain wall is stated, it is in reference to the width above the offset. Two standards of offset have been identified: Standard A, where the offset occurs above the first footing course, and Standard B, where the offset occurs after the third or sometimes fourth footing course.

The wall provided the soldiers with an elevated platform from which they could safely observe movement of the local population. It had “heavy provision of cavalry” which could sally out from any of the milestone gates though as mentioned earlier, the garrison was neither expected nor trained to the level necessary to defend a city wall. Overall the fortifications appear to have required additional strengthening after the initial design and were stronger than their equivalent in Germany, probably reflecting local resentment.

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