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Big changes are occurring in one of the fastest-warming spots on Earth

Understand the different levels of care you can expect from each facility. Detox facilities provide a safe, medicinally aided and monitored program for addressing the physical aspects of addiction. Residential rehabilitation programs provide care in a controlled environment with extra support to help mitigate the risk of relapse during recovery.

Partial hospitalization treatment options are most beneficial for those who with a dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and substance abuse disorder.

10 Best Places for In-Car Make-Out Sessions. By Brenden Gallagher. Brenden Gallagher is a freelance writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles. He writes about television and whatever else seems.

Truck drivers cannot see little things in their huge blind spots. Large vehicles off-track when turning, so they will appear to be going straight and often swing wide before making a right turn. Cyclists hit by turning trucks is a repeating news story which highlights the most serious deficiency in our system — education of cyclists. Sometimes these crashes are caused by the truck driver passing a cyclist prior to turning right, but very often they are caused by the cyclist passing the truck on the right.

In both cases, the cyclist has the power to avoid the crash. Do not stop at an intersection on the right side of a truck. Get off your bike and move it to safety your life is worth the inconvenience. Do not linger next to a truck on any side, in any lane. If you are riding near the same speed, slow until you are behind the truck. This is taught to motorcyclists, it applies to all vehicle drivers, even car drivers! If a truck passes you, slow down and let it get ahead of you ASAP.

If you are approaching an intersection, merge to the left and ride near the center line to avoid the moving blind spot see Left Cross in the Blind Spot.

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It’s Portland’s wonderful whimsical pizza wizard, serving up gigantic punked out pies such as this one above with meatball, sausage, pepperoni and ribs; cast iron deeper dish “Detroit style” pies, pastas such as dan dan noodles and cacio e pepe, and a classic Connecticut clam pie.

Paved roads, trees, grass, clean sites, good utility hookups. We had FHU pull thru. As others have said, staffed office hours do not coincide with check-in times. That being said, we arrived around 3: I only have a couple of “nits”. Since there is no one to check you into your site, you’ll need to track down the host or office staff to get the code. Second, there were a few transient individuals roaming through the park.

Big changes are occurring in one of the fastest-warming spots on Earth

And why they do, anyway, and almost always regret it Definition: Michael Sweeney, author of MC Realities: Permission to duplicate on-line hereby granted provide it is reproduced in full with all links in tact, and links back to proparanoid. The term is military in origin but is used by the intelligence community and law enforcement. More critically, the attacks they suffer as result by electronic weapons, gas lighting, street theater, dirty tricks, and psychological warfare, and so on, are more often than not at the hands of those self-same developers, as well as members of law enforcement.

Not officially of course.

Used (normal wear), Antique hook and pulleys Wood and metal Pulled from a + year old barn each Perfect for hanging ur chandelier or pots and pans. Make an offer!

Prehistorical range[ edit ] As with many other components of the African large mammal fauna, black rhinos probably had a wider range in the northern part of the continent in prehistoric times than today. However this seems to have not been as extensive as that of the white rhino. Unquestionable fossil remains have not yet been found in this area and the abundant petroglyphs found across the Sahara desert are often too schematic to unambiguously decide whether they depict black or white rhinos.

Petroglyphs from the Eastern Desert of southeastern Egypt relatively convincingly show the occurrence of black rhinos in these areas in prehistoric times. Its occurrence further to the west is questionable, though often purported to in literature. The remaining populations are highly scattered. Some specimens have been relocated from their habitat to better protected locations, sometimes across national frontiers.

The park had around 50 rhinos in the s but the numbers dwindled to zero by In September , the birth of a calf raised the population to The park has dedicated rhino monitoring teams to protect the animals from poaching. Once established, this will be the northernmost population of the species. The species was wiped out from Chad in the s and is under severe pressure from poaching in South Africa. The agreement calls for South African experts to assess the habitat, local management capabilities, security and the infrastructure before the transfer can take place.

Camping and RV Parks in Western Montana + Glacier National Park

What kind of girl. You have nothing to lose. Several that are 24 hours.

Check out our calendar of daily rides or our list of upcoming events & event registration schedule. Seattle to Portland (STP) Sat. Jul 14, + miles The Kaiser Permanente STP presented by Alaska Airlines is the largest multi-day event in the PNW.

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The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Singles in Portland

These small temperate zone fish therefore provide an ideal experimental system to study common diseases of coldwater fish, including those of aquacultural importance. However, detailed information on the culture of stickleback parasites, the establishment and maintenance of infections and the quantification of host responses is scattered between primary and grey literature resources, some of which is not readily accessible.

Our aim is to lay out a framework of techniques based on our experience to inform new and established laboratories about culture techniques and recent advances in the field. Here, essential knowledge on the biology, capture and laboratory maintenance of sticklebacks, and their commonly studied parasites is drawn together, highlighting recent advances in our understanding of the associated immune responses.

Since the people of Greater Portland have trusted the Portland Water District (PWD) to deliver quality services and products. PWD provides water, wastewater and environmental services to over 50, residential and business customers in 11 communities. Download our Latest Publication.

See our BBB rating. Dan Christopher of Quality Fishing Adventures guide service has been recognized for years as one of the best Columbia River fishing guides in Oregon and Washington. Whether fishing for salmon, steelhead or sturgeon Dan is always one of the hottest boats in the area. His ability to provide his clients with a truly great fish catching experience, day in and day out is what sets him apart from the pack.

That’s what makes Dan Christopher one of the most sought after fishing guides in the Portland area. Welcome to Quality Fishing Adventures guide service!

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Are you from Portland? You are welcome to join our WeirdTown. Portland Chat Room is the place where chatters from Portland come to chat and make new friends.

Portland’s 10 (Best?) Bad Decision Bars. You’ll go into this ’80s- and ’90s-themed dance bar looking to hook up. You will inevitably fail when you give in to the urge to do the Roger Rabbit or.

November 18, by yellowbird Nov 18, Hey Guys, The Bird is officially nesting for the winter. I swear it seems just yesterday we were struggling to get it on the water for the upcoming season, and now its over…damn time is flying by these days. Thanks to all of you, we had a great season, and October 12, by yellowbird Oct 12, A few spots just opened up for tomorrow Saturday October 13th Marathon.

Call the office if you would like to book! October 6, by yellowbird Oct 6, Hey Guys, Its pollock season…which means you should bring a jig and a teaser preferably blue or purple but not yellow if you have them. They are not always needed but good to have with you, and help minimize the dog fish catch.

Not many trips left of the Call the office to book! September 21, by yellowbird Sep 21, We have extended our season another week…We are now running Friday October 19th, Saturday October, 20th, and Sunday October 21st. They are all Marathon Trips.

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Obviously, New York City has plenty of places that’ll shove cheap beer and well drinks into your body within moments of clocking out, making that subway commute back home just a tad less maddening. Here are our favorite happy hour spots in NYC; please leave yours in the comments, and check out last year’s list for some more options. In addition to boasting one of the best backyards in the bar business , this Red Hook spot serves up a super-long, satisfying happy hour deal, with a buck off all their already-cheap drinks from noon until 8 p.

There are some happy hour deals that will forever stand the booze test of time.

While not a “rail-trail,” the Hook Mountain/Nyack Beach Bikeway is a very scenic trail along the Hudson River in Rockland County. The southern half of this trail is flat and runs right along the river at sea level.

Emily McIntyre] Portland, Oregon has become a cradle to beverage innovation in many fields, from cocktails to coffee. It makes sense that there would constantly be new good things to drink here: Portland is home to a dizzying array of local distilleries and people crafting all sorts of delicious products to taste. But while there are plenty of Portland cocktail alchemists poised over fizzing beakers, the overwhelming trend I’ve noticed lately is a return to the basics of great bartending.

Whether you’re looking for a great Manhattan or a tiki drink or something entirely original, my favorite Portland bars deliver. These spots range from elegant to kitschy, but what they all have in common is a quality so easily misplaced in the modern cocktail world: If you’re wondering where to go for great cocktails in Portland, consider this your guide.

The last remaining portion of the Ladd estate—originally built to house the estate’s horses, carriages, and employees—the most recent incarnation of this beautiful building has captured the romantic essence of the English countryside while maintaining a Portland perspective on drinks.

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