Holidaymakers had their trips cut short after the Foreign Office warned against travelling to beach resorts along the coast. Travel firms chartered planes to bring people home early from Nairobi, the Indian Ocean resort of Mombasa and other parts of the country. Scroll down for videos The scene after back-to-back bomb blasts which have killed at least 10 people in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi Members of the military look into the minibus which is said to have been one of the sources of the blasts A member of the security services walks away from the minibus. The vehicle is said to have been the source of one of the explosions There were seen of panic after the bomb attack in the Gikoma Market in Nairobi Paramedics help a man who was injured during the explosions. Two suspects are said to have been arrested in connection with the attack A man falls on the ground after viewing the devastating aftermath caused by the twin blasts Yesterday, as anxious travellers arrived at Kenyan airports to check in for their flights to Britain, two bombs went off in Nairobi, leaving at least 13 dead and 70 injured. The explosions follow a recent spate of terror attacks by the Islamist Al Shabaab group, including an explosion at a bus station that killed three and the discovery of a bomb at a hotel. These prompted the Foreign Office to alter its travel advice for Kenya, warning against all but essential travel to areas within 37 miles of the Kenya-Somali border and Nairobi.

‘Elderly White Women’ Look to Kenya for Sex Tourism

Long periods of rain start around March and last into July, while the short periods start around October and last until December. The terrain is generally flat with sandy-loamy soils. Common trees include Cocos nucifera, Anacadium occidentale, Azadirachta indica, and Mangifera indica. Demographics[ edit ] Kilifi is a cosmopolitan town with mixed ethnic groups. Economy[ edit ] Dhows in Kilifi Creek Like every coastal town, fishing in Kilifi is one of the historical economic activities.

It’s a few past one in the morning. A man leaves a bar in Nairobi’s CBD to his car, parked safely a yard away. He gives the security guards a tip then enters his car. He is so drunk the security guards.

Having stayed in Coast for close to 20 years, I have made an observation among young men and women from the region which is disgusting. The young ladies and men claim that Europeans are more loving, romantic, caring etc and thus most grown with an ambition of getting married to them. The fact that they are so common in Coast due to tourism makes the illusion seem a reality. But I find it so disgusting when a young man of 20s full of hot blood in his life marries an over 60 Years old woman who is past living, pretend to be so much in love with the old lady, while in reality the man wishes the lady would die and he inherits her wealth!

Worse, these young men continue entertaining other young girls in an extravagant way from money gotten from this old woman! This scene is famous in Coastal beaches. Some ladies too, in their 20s, very beautiful, gets married to men older than their fathers, some even 90 years old! Some lady, was married to an Italian old man over 70 yrs old, had a nice beach plot house where when the season is low and the Mzungu us in Italy, his legitimate husband would take over but when the Mzungu us back, he would pretend to be a Shamba boy and sleep in servant quarters, and the Mzungu never knew of this arrangement!!

British teenager drowns in boyfriend’s arms as African fishing trip ends in tragedy

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Taking Historical Archaeology to the Kenyan Coast, ca A.D. Allison Mickel Introduction Until recently, most scholars of Chesapeake history believed that Africans, when brought to the New World, abandoned their traditions in favor of the dominant —and implicitly better— Anglo-American.

Courtesy Where there is smoke, there tends to be fire, say medical researchers who found frequent marijuana users have about 20 percent more sex than those who abstain. Stanford University School of Medicine researchers unveiled the link between marijuana and the frequency of sexual intercourse in a study published on Friday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers in California reached their conclusions after a retrospective analysis of data on 50, Americans ages 25 to 45, compiled from to by the National Survey of Family Growth.

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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Mombasa & Easy Day Trips

Gongoni town Tourism and Tourists Attractions in Kilifi County Kilifi county is endowed with many tourism attraction sites. The county boasts some of the best white sandy beaches, popular resorts and villas along the Kenyan coast line. Other important attractions are historical sites in Gede , Malindi, Takaungu, Mnarani and Rabai that date back to the slave trade period. Kilifi is the play ground for water sports including sport fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing and diving.

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Mombasa Go-Kart is a hit with speedsters and kids of all ages. Zoom around the smooth concrete track in go-karts, bounce around on the off-road buggies, or learn to dig in a Bobcat excavator. After all the excitement, visitors can enjoy a snack at the family-friendly restaurant with computer games, a large playground, and a big screen showing sporting events.

The Go-Kart track is floodlit at night. Bamburi Beach, Mombasa Official site: Nyali, Mombasa, Bamburi, and Shanzu.

Mombasa Cottages, Homes & Apartments

Protesters outside Spaki mosque in Mombasa on Friday By Paul Canning Six gay men arrested alledgedly to protect them from a rampaging mob in Mombasa, Kenya are to be charged with ‘having unnatural sex against the order of nature’ and subjected to medical examinations. A riot started on Friday following a report in Kenya’s newspaper The Daily Nation, and subsequent radio reports, of a supposed ‘gay wedding’ at Mtwapa , a Indian Ocean beach resort, north-east of Kenya’s second city.

Kenyan gay activists say the newspaper report was based on “rumors started in a hair salon” following a practical joke and that there never was a planned ‘wedding’. GayUganda reports receiving email saying that “one of our Guys made a joke last week that he was getting married to his lover, this issue has been picked by Radio Rahma and it’s inciting Muslims against Gay men”. Updated Monday from this point:

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Siobhan Meadwell, 19, and boyfriend Craig Fairclough were soon excitedly making plans to explore the area together with Terry Whitehurst and Dani Goode after first meeting them in a hotel bar in Mombasa. But their dreams were to turn to tragedy when a terrible accident on a deep-sea fishing adventure in the Indian Ocean left Siobhan dead. Craig Fairclough with girlfriend Siobhan Meadwell, who died in his arms after their boat capsized Their tiny hired boat capsized in rough seas while approaching a coral reef, tipping the holidaymakers into the churning waters.

Siobhan struggled out into the open water and managed to swim for more than an hour, helped by year-old Craig, but the two were battered by strong waves, unable to reach the safety of the reef. Craig was swept further down the coast by currents and was near exhaustion when he was rescued by a fishing boat. He spent four days in intensive care with a suspected collapsed lung, but was discharged yesterday into the care of the British Consulate.

Terry, 23, and Dani, 20, survived the accident with cuts and bruises. Craig had been with Siobhan, who worked in council offices in Manchester, for three years. Terry and Dani, who both live in Coventry, were deeply traumatised by their ordeal. They laid a floral wreath yesterday on the beach overlooking the spot where Siobhan died.

Meet Women From Mtwapa

History[ edit ] The Age of Discovery first led to European interaction with the region of present-day Kenya. The coastal regions were seen as a valuable foothold in eastern trade routes, and Mombasa became a key port for ivory. The Portuguese established a presence in the region for two hundred years between — , before losing control of the coast to the Sultans of Oman.

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Mtwapa clerics want to ‘eradicate gays’, but human rights defenders are many By Paul Canning In the aftermath of the attempted anti-gay pogrom in Mtwapa, a small town near Mombasa, Kenya, the Daily Nation reports that the government’s attempts to calm the situation are being rebuffed by clerics. The government has set up a committee which aims to educate wananchi the public on the operations of the Kenya Medical Research Institute Kemri centre – the focus of organised anti-gay rioting.

They threatened that some of the clinic’s researchers must be removed. Media incitement Muthoni Wanyeki , Kenya correspondent for The East African , and a executive member of the Kenyan Human Rights Commission , speaking in a report on media coverage of homosexuality in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda for Radio France Internationale RFI , says that the Mtwapa events were provoked by media reports that were completely unverified.

The reporter who broke the story never bothered to mention ‘how could a wedding be taking place? He took a joke completely out of context leading to the situation, without any concern for facts. The media has not corrected their reporting, she says. Muthoni says gay men were not arrested as widely reported , the police intervened “to their credit” to protect the people from a mob organised by the Muslim and Christian leadership. The state has no interest in these cases until it’s forced to appear to be doing something because of religious and popular sentiment of the kind that’s stoked, unnecessarily, by bad media coverage.

Muthoni’s comments are backed up by statements from local police to The Star. Coast deputy provincial police boss Henry Barmao said: Police did not arrest anyone. They only rescued them from angry mobs. I do not know where they are now but I am certain they are not being held at any police station.

LGBT rights in Kenya

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Best Destinations in the World Sex Tourism: Best Destinations in the World December 12, 5 Comments 48, Views Everyone is going vacation with various reasons in mind. Some are going holiday for sandy beaches, Exotic Island, traditional cuisines. Some are going for relieve all stress of their life in city like crowded traffic, heavy city atmosphere and such boring city life or horrible climate. But there are some people in the world desire holiday for sexual reasons to feel himself important for someone or to perform sexual activities that he cannot easily perform in his own life.

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Man Assaults Daughter In Mtwapa