CNET reports it is seeking to create content with Glass as well as for Glass, and the company said users can expect to see the first Glass app as soon as this week. Porn star Alana Evans, left, says the Google Glasses will spark a huge drive in POV movies while fellow entertainer Missy Martinez believes they lead to a slew of amateur gonzo sex tapes ‘So I wanted to let you know that we picked up our Glass and, yup, we’re making content for it. They said it would allow them to operate in a ‘truly hands-free fashion’ as opposed to having one hand on the camera. Parks departments and banks across America are also waiting to see how the new technology is used before deciding whether or not to ban them. Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt once admitted that the aim with technology like Google Glass was to ‘go right up to the creepy line and not cross it’. But the public clearly feels differently and in France those wearing Google Glass style specs have been subjected to ‘cyber discrimination’. University of Toronto computer engineering professor Steve Mann was at a McDonald’s restaurant in Paris when he claims an employee tried to physically remove a similar gadget he designed from his head. Amateur producers are also said to be especially keen to get their hands on a pair as they shoot high quality video and make it even easier to film home porn movie. It will be more widely available later this year or in Q Boyer, a spokesman for porn film makers Pink Visual, said last week:


But in the industries where the technology has made a dent — like medical application see Wearables, earables, eyeables: Welcome to the next wave of computing — the response was very positive. Glass is a hands-free device, for hands-on workers. But something was brewing in the background: Google forked off a team to focus on the workplace opportunity in , creating channel partnerships with companies who would create the apps, and market and support the products with end-user companies.

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To run these samples, tell Glass: Position the cursor on the name of this sample and tap. It should then open. Overview Google Glass is a wearable technology from Google. Since it runs Android and a browser, we experimented with running apps created with AppStudio on it. It works, but don’t expect existing handheld apps to be usable on Google Glass. Much as moving from the desktop to handheld devices demanded a redesign of how apps work, you will want to rethink your apps for Google Glass.

Observations AppStudio apps run as you would expect – no drama. No keyboard means no input controls. Controls work fine, so long as they do not require the keyboard.

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What this also means is that we finally have a full understanding about the exact features included with Google Glass, and how the little device works. The unspecified resolution display works using a small projector embedded in the headset, which Google claims is the equivalent of a inch high definition screen seen from eight feet away. There are no speakers or audio jack ports on Google Glass. Google Glass also comes with the usual Wi-Fi My Glass App Equally as important as the actual hardware is the My Glass app which accompanies the headset.

The possibilities for Google Glass are almost limitless, and with an enormous selection of top apps on offer from some of the world’s best developers, there’s a lot to get excited about. Now, we.

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Share this article Share NameTag sends photographs wirelessly to a server, compare it to millions of records and in seconds return a match complete with a name, additional photos and social media profiles. For added peace of mind, the user can also cross-reference the photos against more than , entries in the National Sex Offender Registry and other criminal databases.

Often we were interacting with people blindly or not interacting at all.

Mar 05,  · Google Glass is about to change the way society functions, especially when it comes to a dating.

Stephen Balaban has re-engineered his Google Glass to allow for facial recognition. Courtesy of Stephen Balaban hide caption toggle caption Stephen Balaban has re-engineered his Google Glass to allow for facial recognition. He’s wearing Google Glass. As I stare into the device’s cyborg eye, I’m waiting for its tiny screen to light up.

Then, I wait for a signal that Google Glass has recognized my face. It isn’t supposed to do that, but Stephen Balaban has hacked it. Balaban wants to make it possible to do all sorts of things with Glass that Google’s designers didn’t have in mind. One of the biggest fears about Google Glass is that the proliferation of these head-mounted computers equipped with intelligent cameras will fundamentally erode our privacy.

Google has tried to respond to these fears by designing Glass so it is obvious to the people around these devices when and how they are being used.

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Making a Google Glass app with C on Xamarin: PTVGlass Missing the train by just a minute is mildly frustrating. Every time I see the train roll away from the platform as I walk towards the station makes me wonder what if I had walked a little bit faster or paced up the escalator. Unfortunately I know the number of Google Glass Explorers in Melbourne will be in the single digits so this app has very little commercial value.

I knew I just had to make an app for Google Glass.

Google Glass Eye Exam App. This Google Glassware (Glassware is what Google calls an app for Google Glass) provides real-time updates on missile attacks against Israel. Google Glass is completely hands free and will send immediate alerts to subscribers to the app of missile attac.

If a pop-up informs you that Configuration is still incorrect, select Continue Anyway. Android Studio will now build and run the app on your device. Your app is now running on your Google Glass. Your screen should now look like this: Basic Project Settings Now take Glass off and get back to work. This line of code is for development purposes only. This file declares the voice command that launches your Glassware.

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Even without the GDK, developers like Ryan Rogowski and Nathan Lord of Waygo, a language translator app with over 65, installations on the iPhone, have been able to use clever software workarounds to port an Android phone version of the app to the Glass platform. Even as a non-Chinese speaker, I was able to read some restaurant signs and the mall directory.

The app, like Glass itself, is still a work in progress. Doing the computationally intensive optical character recognition and analysis of Chinese characters in the video feed, our Glass unit ran out of power in roughly 20 minutes.

Google Glass Porn Apps Banned By Google Authored by: Edwin Kee Jun 4, It was just last week when we mentioned that Google Glass will be receiving its very first porn app soon, but I guess.

I wanted to wear the device on a full-fledged, real-life, real-stakes date and see what happened. This is that story. Which is to say that my editors suggested the idea and I blame them for everything. Everything began innocently enough on our weekly over-caffeinated Skype call. The rest is history, especially the bivalves. This is how it goes: I propose that a cute girl of interest her name is Rebecca accompany me to dinner and drinks… and mention my one wearable, Bluetooth-enabled caveat.

Glass is more interesting than it is obnoxious. My natural charm, good looks and modesty will provide a diversion.

Google Home: AI speaker to launch in the UK next week

Looking for love in the digital age? A new facial recognition app is about to make Facebook-stalking a whole lot easier. NameTag , which will release soon for Android, iOS and Google Glass, allows people to vet their dates just by capturing an image of their face in the case of Google Glass, that could mean simply glancing at a person.

Pristine removed Glass’ integration with Google+, Gmail, Maps, Search, and other apps before deploying it into patient care environments, which according to the company makes Glass “a controlled, HIPAA compliant, enterprise appliance”.

The Google Glass team reiterates that, “Developers can develop these types of apps but they will not get distributed on the Glass platform period. It’s a similar idea to the notion that someone could build a porn app for a mobile platform but it wouldn’t get distributed on that platform. Have you ever seen someone wearing Google Glass out at the bar? Like a real person at a real bar actually wearing Google Glass? If so, you know how absolutely ridiculous they look. Which may be the only factor we have that will stop this: A new app will allow total strangers to ID you and pull up all your information, just by looking at you and scanning your face with their Google Glass.

The “real-time facial recognition” software “can detect a face using the Google Glass camera, send it wirelessly to a server, compare it to millions of records, and in seconds return a match complete with a name, additional photos and social media profiles. NameTag And NameTag may have already added you to their database. Two million entries have already been uploaded to FacialNetwork. Once the app officially goes live, you can sign up for NameTag and opt-out, instead of the alternative: Having to opt-in to allow them to show your information.

How is that OK? We will even allow users to have one profile that is seen during business hours and another that is seen in social situations.

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