Second Prize in the Weekend Projects Contest View Contest In this project you’ll learn how to make a customizable PVC hand pump that will create vacuum suction, pump water, or compress air. A pre-requisite to making the pump will be 2 homemade check valves. You can learn how to make these cheap PVC check valves here! Add Tip Ask Question Step 1: Power tools, like a table saw, pose risks of serious injury. Adequate training and experience are required before operating. The results and claims of this pump are based solely on my personal experiences with the one demonstrated in the video.

Rant: Glentronics Basement Watchdog Emergency Sump Pump System

Tomorrow will mark four weeks since we arrived here, and it’s been longer than that since I last posted to the blog. It’s been an eventful few weeks, and I am going to try to catch all the way up in this post, so grab an adult beverage and settle in. Vector on the hard at Lauderdale Marine Center, having her bottom done.

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But for additional help in later troubleshooting, label the wire on both ends. A simple piece of tape with a name written on it will do. Wire must be marine wire. You should not use auto wire. It is not made to the same standards as marine. Most marine wire is labeled UL It must be copper stranded wire. Do not scrimp on wire! Cheap wire could mean the difference between a reliable system and one that you constantly have to troubleshoot. Buy good quality wire.

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Sump Pump Hook Up

By Kevin Falvey posted Apr 14th, at 8: For instance, smoothbore hose costs more but makes better use of pump power than corrugated hose. And the redundant safety provided by multiple pumps is hard to beat. Mount the pump Boating Magazine 1. Mount the Pump Install the backup pump above the primary pump but below the level of the cabin sole, batteries and other critical equipment.

 · Hopefully the float switch for the Bilge pump is under the engine not the pump motor. Having an electric motor under an engine is a fire or explosion hazard Find the float switch for the motor and follow the tubing back to the

Pictures and an inventory are available on the Internet at http: Interior bulkheads glassed to hull. Headliner finished, cabin sole carpet. Sloop rig, Proctor aluminum spar and boom, 1 x 19 SS wire rope with swaged fittings. Harken Roller Furling on head stay. Split backstay , baby stay, tiller steering, boom vang, Main sheet traveler. It sold for 21, through a broker. CS27 Excellent Condition. Lying Lion’s Head, Ontario.

Increasing amperage in simple circuit

What came from my mouth a half second later was clearly audible. This was about to go from a minor project to a major one — par for the course. Another boat part lost in the depths of the bilge.

Oct 31,  · The UPS would, for a while at least. A car battery would not, at least not directly. They do make 12V water pumps that can be used with a battery-bank/charger setup — often based on bilge pumps.

I found it difficult to write this ad. Shibumi has been part of our family for 15 years. We have lived aboard her every winter since we bought her. Now it is time to let her go to someone who will love her as much as we do. CSY built these sturdy vessels between and According to company literature, the hull is up to 1. Up to 14 dual layers of fiberglass mat and fiberglass weave creates a solid hull and deck allowing for the avoidance of troublesome wood laminate.

Caribbean Sailing Yachts were built to Lloyds of London standards. Shibumi is a center cockpit walkover model.

Bilge Pump for bait tank Im making?

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Recent development, bilge full of water! Turns out the Johnson float switch was not activating the pump. It’s a 3 wire switch and has some kind of float inside the sealed plastic housing.

I could with a little help figure out a relay setup. It is a simple project but many people might hesitate to offer help online because just asking how indicates you might not have the skills or knowledge to work with mixed voltages and the components required to do the job yourself. Please don’t take that as an insult. If I went on a flying forum and asked how to start the engine of a specific aircraft, I bet a lot of people would be leery of responding.

If you want a schematic with a suggestion for components, I would be happy to send you one but only with your full appreciation that I have absolutely no control of how you build or install the system, no knowledge of your level of electrical safety awareness, and your complete understanding that if you do it wrong you might hurt yourself, someone else, the boat, and in the end it might not work at all for what you have in mind.

Not because the design is faulty but because it was built and installed by someone not skilled in doing so.

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Fri Sep 22, 1: It’s mounted on a transom bracket; here’s the best photo I have “off the shelf”. Sorry I’m partially blocking the view. The motor bracket is primarily for motor storage and only secondarily for motive power. With the motor up, sailing and heeled to starboard the motor drags in the water; I leave it in neutral and lock it facing forward to minimize the additional drag, but it annoys me.

With the motor down, and the boat level, it’s still not quite low enough to power the Mac without ventilating.

The Konsort is one of Westerly’s most long-lived designs with + built over a 12 year period. She was designed by Laurent Giles following a long line of successful designs for

Pump Priming the Easy Way This system will help you get a water pump working in no time. By Steve Maxwell July 10, Adding this simple shutoff valve to the supply is the key to easily priming a water pump. Depending on the kind of pump you’re using and the length of intake line, priming your system in the usual way — by pouring buckets of water down into the pump and pipe — can be slow, messy and infuriating.

Water Pump Basics Water is the only liquid that expands as it freezes, and this is why most seasonal water systems need to be drained before winter. Otherwise pump and pipes will crack under the strain of expanding ice. This operation is called priming, and it’s necessary because water pumps can’t move air. All this sounds easy enough in theory, but there are two reasons it’s not easy in real life.

Rant: Glentronics Basement Watchdog Emergency Sump Pump System

Any easy way to install a bilge pump? If not where are you going to run the outlet hose to? So although Spellthisout is totally corrected about “DO NOT dill into your hull” your going to have to make that hole.

 · I am currently in an engineering project which is attempting to hook up some solar panels to run an irrigation pump. Right now, the pump that we have is a marine Bilge pump that says that at 12 Volts and 7 Amperes it can pump at around Gallons Per Minute. We were provided with a

I do a search and find the Rule Mate, available in to gph. If you go to the Rule website, you will find that indeed they do make bilge pumps with float switches, as a matter of fact, the auto sensing pumps that have come stock on Yamaha boats for years and still to this day Rule is a division of King Pumps. I like a few things about the pump you chose, the idea that it eliminates the auto sensing in favor of solid state for one.

But the need to have a 2. Also, placing the pump in that location will make it difficult to reach. Part of routine maintenance is to clean the screen frequently to prevent pump overload and failure. And if I pull the Rule pump I have and install this pump right where the stock pump is located, I have to have 2. I don’t like that idea at all.

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Chark The pump is new and has not been used, so I highly doubt any damage or ware to the pump itself. The adapters are also new, and they are at least water-tight, so I do not know if there is going to be any air leaking through. However, our testing of the pump involves letting an intake hose leading down to a bucket of water. Is our testing faulty? The final use of this pump will involve the water source being placed above the pump, so will it magically work up to its displayed specs?

Aug 25,  · I want to install a bilge pump in my zxi but Ive been hearing about drilling through the hull, using epoxy, glue guns, mounting brackts, screws into the hull, a .

Or do I need to put another skin fitting in? Depends to some extent on the type of pumps purplerobbie , One is an ultima with a built in level switch the other is a standard pump on a on an off switch. Type not make ; If diaphragm pumps , which will have outlet valves in them, probably no further action needed. If flexible vane pumps you may get a little back flow through the pump not in use unless you fit check valves. If plain impeller pumps you will need check valves. If you’ll be operating both together be sure the outlet is large enough for both Salty John , Connect them like this, running down into an unequal Y-piece, and you’re less likely to have one pump blow water into the other one: You’ll severely reduce the output when both pumps are running.

Salty John , If it’s intended that both pumps will run together then those items should be sized accordingly.

DIY Bilge Pump Installation – Intro