You lightly chuckle as you take in the sight around you. Zayn is inconspicuously looking into the mirror on the far wall as he fixes his quiff, all while Niall just patiently eating a bag of crisps on the floor staring blankly at whatever T. The rain picked up outside and you could tell the power was going to go out at any second; great just what we need. Just as the unjust thought crossed my mind the lights and TV went black; perfect. When I came back all the boys were shirtless from the humid June air and were sitting in a circle on the dark living room floor. We all lighted the candles and turned on the lamps and made our way back to the circle. I was sat in between a shirtless Niall and Louis and the testosterone in the room was really turning me on. As much as I hate to admit this too, Louis is my favorite of the boys. I mean I love them all to death but I love Louis in a more than friends with benefits way, if you get what I mean.

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Sometimes being the youngest in the Payne family was awful, especially on Christmas when you were made to sit on the floor by the tree in front of the fire and endure all the cooing as everyone paid attention to you opening presents. It was a testament to how well Liam knew his little sister despite being away for months at a time, seeing as you were practically sobbing.

He laughed loudly, gripping you tightly and biting his lip happily as you thanked him over and over again. And if Liam wanted you to pretend to believe in Santa for the rest of the day and make believe you were still the baby, you were sure as heck going to do that for him. Your mum had promised you would all watch Elf as soon as Greg, Denise, and Theo got here so for now you were positioned on the couch with your brother and hot chocolate.

You watched the snow on the screen and from the living room window with a bored expression before smirking.


You’re sitting in the back seat of your twin sister’s car, with your arms crossed. She and her year-long boyfriend Harry Styles are laughing together up front as Harry parallel parks in front of a huge house. You never want to go, because you just end up being the third wheel, but you’re just too nice to say no. So of course you end up going and of course you have a lousy time.

And you don’t expect this house party to be any different. As you enter, the bass thumps in your chest. People are dancing everywhere, the lighting dim.

one direction imagines

You were talking to Ashton and you were just flirting and having a good time. He took your hand you both walked out of the venue and down to a pretty view. You were excited and super happy.

Magcon 1direction Niall Horan Zayn 5sos Imagines Harry Styles Imagines One Direction Imagines I Love One Direction Creepy Forward I would tell them that i needed to goto the bathroom, blog about it, then go take selfies with them.

Calum To say Luke was happy you were dating his best friend was an understatement. Hell, Luke was probably more involved in the relationship that you were. But it was understandable. Michael It was weird for him. See, Michael was his best friend, so he knew about his not so nice history with girls. But you and Michael both swore up and down that he had changed and would never hurt you.

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Dating-Michael The two of you sat around, playing video games. You in between his legs, his arms wrapped around your waist so he could hold his controller, while your forearms were on top of his, holding your controller. Nobody thought nothing more when they saw you go to his room, and start to play video games. But nobody knew how you were sitting, how he had to have his arms around you so he had you close, you sitting where you did so you could rest your head on his chest, to hear his heartbeat.

one direction imagines: Notes Preferences: He Gets Jealous (requested) First. I think I have Done a ” He Gets Jealous ” prefernce, but Just 4 Requests, I have to obey:) You always knew Harry would defend you as long as he can, you never felt so terrified with him around, You have been dating for 6 months, but you knew Harry.

The rest of the boys poked Harry around for his little public crush as he blushed. Your jaw hit your lap and you closed your laptop, before your sleeping boyfriend would hear. Later in the day you heard a loud groan and ran to find the noise. You bit your lip. No, you are putting words in my mouth. He slammed the computer shut. You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair.

You pull it closer to your chest though, and give him a dirty look. You knew that if Jay had even found out, he would not only kill you, but also Liam. When you laughed at something funny Liam had said, he tried to read over your shoulder. See, you are cheating on me! You had both drifted and began to lose interest-you had both found someone else.

1D Preference: You Have His Kid After A Breakup And He Doesn’t Know (Niall)

I’m always here to talk if anyone needs to If you would like my kik just ask! Could you do an imagine that he sees your scars. It would mean a lot cause well…I have scars.

Hairfinity Coupons November ! Free If a product is being endorsed by celebrities, I start to think that the product must be really expensive I was wrong Its actually cheaper than its main competitor, Viviscal Check the I wont lie, when I first heard about it, I was a little wary and wasnt sure that it would even work I do know that this company has an amazing marketing campaign that got.

Harry — You had just gotten a job at THE fanciest restaurant in your town. You had experience waitressing before, but never this fancy. You were in the dressing room, fixing your tie before the dinner rush started, you flipped your hair, grabbed your notebook, and walked out into the dinning area. The mass of people was just like any other night; you plaster a smile on your face and walk over to your table, where 5 extremely sexy guys were sitting with their menus.

Just like any other table you greet them and explain the specials, but you notice the curly haired kid paying more attention to you than he should considering you were explaining that the fish came with roasted root vegetables. Over the course of their meal you notice the boy, who you picked up was named Harry, looking at you.

He “hates” you

I nodded and walked with them to the side of the stage watching as they performed. I watched as she wrapped her hands around the microphone and moved closer to the stand. Her eyes closed as he continued to sing, her leg slightly bent as he leaned forward a little bit. She looked stunning out there, all eyes were on her, not a single sound coming from the crowd.

You gasped for air and leaned back on the couch as he sat next to you.

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You are his secret sister, and he introduces you to the rest of the boys. Only a week ago, you found out about your new family member, Harry Styles. His band mates knew of a sister, but none of them has met you. Today was the day you were meeting them. Harry was taking you, and the lads, for dinner. Harry was taking you guys to a fancy restaurant though. You knew it would involve dressing up a little.

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