A metaphor that has lost its intensity due to overuse. The latest date that a piece of assigned writing is due on for submission. The exact meaning of a word, without the feelings or suggestions that the word may imply. The final outcome of the main complication of a story or play. It usually occurs after the climax and reveals all the secrets and misunderstandings connected to the plot. The words spoken by the characters of a story. Instructional or informative literature. A phrase that can be interpreted in two different ways.

Terms of the 90s, Slang of the Nineties

Stone House on the Prairie a. In a world of prefab, disposable housing there are limited amounts of good literature for those of us who prefer to be owner-builders. Living Homes definitely falls under the category of good literature.

An On-line Shakespearean Glossary. Use this glossary to look up unusual words used in Shakespeare’s plays. As this is a general glossary, you will want to make sure that the definition fits the context of the line in which the word is used.

To act obsequiously, to be a sycophant. A lazy or childlike corruption of the word little. To act like a sycophant. To fawn, to be obsequious. A ‘freeloader’, a taker of things that are freely available, especially in the world of show business or music. Of a person, that they are alive but not in touch with reality. A catch-phrase cast at a person who lacks commonsense or whose attention has wandered. In a hurried or agitated state.

Of a woman, having large breasts. Sexually promiscuous, with the implication that the person cannot control their sexual appetite, having animal urges. He was all over her like a dog with two dicks. Sexually excitable or excited. In expressions such as, about as much use as a fart in a colander.

Deadly Euphemism

Phonetic euphemism is used to replace profanities, diminishing their intensity. Shortening or “clipping” the term, such as Jeez Jesus and what the— “what the hell” Mispronunciations, such as frak , frig both the preceding for “fuck” , what the fudge, what the truck both “what the fuck” , oh my gosh “oh my God” , frickin “fucking” , darn “damn” , oh shoot “oh shit” , be-yotch “bitch” , etc.

This is also referred to as a minced oath. Using first letters as replacements, such as SOB “son of a bitch” , what the eff “what the fuck” , S my D “suck my dick” , BS “bullshit”. Sometimes, the word “word” is added after it, such as F-word “fuck” , S-word “shit” , B-word “bitch” , etc.

“Respect” is a song written and originally released by American recording artist Otis Redding in The song became a hit and signature song for R&B singer Aretha music in the two versions is significantly different, and through a few changes in the lyrics, the stories told by the songs have a different flavor.

There’s an app for that. Good2Go is a new smartphone application that encourages users to give consent before engaging in any sexual acts. The app targets college-aged adults and its creators from Sandton Technologies hope it will prevent unwanted sexual conduct by facilitating a step-by-step process to ensure both parties are on the same page. Lee Ann Allman, president of Sandton Technologies, created Good2Go along with seven other mothers and fathers of college-aged children.

The idea emerged from conversations with their children and their children’s friends about the overwhelming number of sexual assaults that happen on college campuses all over the country. So, once a user decides she or he wants to have to sex with someone, the app works as follows: Launch and log in to Good2Go and hand the phone to your potential partner.

We have set a higher bar concerning sobriety than the law defines. These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything, so why wouldn’t there be one to facilitate consent? But some are skeptical about whether Good2Go could actually prove effective at combatting sexual assault. As Slate’s Amanda Hess pointed out the app doesn’t clarify what kind of sex people are consenting to: This should be part of the conversation that they will have as part of using the app.

For example, the app doesn’t address exactly what you and your partner are comfortable or not comfortable doing in the bedroom.

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

Fig-2 First American patent, July 31, Fig. X , July 31, , was awarded to Samuel Hopkins for a process for making potash, an ingredient in fertilizer. Signed by President George Washington.

Here’s the scenario: A strength trainee walks into a gym (or bar) and sets up to deadlift around pounds, which will be a new personal record if he pulls it off.

Above Water Hull – The hull section of a vessel above the waterline, the visible part of a ship. Act of Pardon, Act of Grace – A letter from a nation or legal representative authorizing action by a privateer. AKA “Letter of marque”. Abaft – Toward the stern, relative to some object “abaft the fore hatch”. Abaft the Beam – Further aft than the beam: It is an order issued by the Master or a delegated person in command.


Breast enhancement by plastic surgery. I’ve just made a classic booboo”. A tight, strapless top worn by females that is a basic tube of material. Can be used singularly, as boob. A dance, usually to pop music. Teen and adolescence vernacular, derived from the first choice of words offered on a mobile phone cellphone when texting the word cool with predictive text.

What new slang was introduced during the 90s that you can think of? This is a list of all the words that were in popular usage during the 90s.

Original article 9th Oct. Russian ship loitering near undersea cables This article would not be possible without info from unnamed others. All info presented based on analysis of Open Sources. Special thanks to Steffan Watkins Twitter. Any errors are solely the responsibility of the author. Feedback and further info welcome. Yantar actually Cruys was launched in and joined the Russian Navy in She can host two deep submergence submarines for undersea engineering missions.

She may also perform other special missions such as recovery of sensitive equipment from crashed aircraft or test missiles. In December Yantar deployed its pr. Check it out on Amazon Another possible role for Yantar is the investigation and recovery of items on the sea floor such as test missiles and crashed aircraft.

Admiral Kuznetsov operated in the Eastern Mediterranean from early November until early January , launching offensive missions over Syria. Her Su and MiG jets were deployed to land bases in Syria for some of this time. Submersibles The two submersibles are the 3-man pr.

Embarrassing Cover Up

Euphemisms[ edit ] “Ugandan discussions”, or a variation thereof such as “discussing Ugandan affairs” , is often used as a euphemism for sex, usually while carrying out a supposedly official duty. The term originally referred to an incident at a party hosted by journalist Neal Ascherson and his first wife, at which fellow journalist Mary Kenny allegedly had a “meaningful confrontation” with a former cabinet minister in the government of Milton Obote , later claiming that they were “upstairs discussing Uganda”.

The poet James Fenton apparently coined the term. In , “Getting back to basics” was suggested as a replacement euphemism after the policy of the same name adopted by John Major ‘s government, which some Private Eye contributors regarded as hypocritical.

Jared & Jenn’s Stone House on the Prairie, 12 Acres and a Dog, By Jared Barnhart. Photo journal of stone home building process.

An easy task is a “doddle. To “faff” is to waste time doing very little. A “fag end” is also the ratty bits towards the ends of a reel of fabric, which are the worst and the cheapest bits of the reel. Historically, “fags” were the cheaper cigarettes made of lower grade tobacco, however, the slang has spread to encompass all cigarettes. However, there is no proof for this theory. Do you know anyone that might be interested?

Going “the fully Monty” meant purchasing a full three-piece suit, a shirt, and all of the trimmings. If you’re going to have a roast, have the full Monty! We’ve got a party at our gaff, if you fancy it? Historically, “gallant” described someone brave or valiant, so “gallivanting” is a carefree and confident act. Men from east London are also commonly referred to as “geezers.

Sailors would blow down a pipe to their recipient, where a whistle at the end of the pipe would sound to spark attention. Eg, “half past seven,” and “ten to six. Marvin played guitar in Cliff Richard’s backing band in the s.

Respect (song)

And later, after a very grisly vigilante slaying: Idiocracy uses Rehabilitation as the name of a demolition derby show — and as a euphemism for execution in said show, no less. Those killed by the Pit are said to be ” taken. Hawk instructs the bootleggers to murder Eddie, first saying “Make him disappear”, and then delivering a Large Ham in form of later parodied “Take him

D. Dead Metaphor: A metaphor that has lost its intensity due to overuse. Deadline: The latest date that a piece of assigned writing is due on for submission. Denotation: The exact meaning of a word, without the feelings or suggestions that the word may imply. Denouement: The final outcome of the main complication of a story or usually occurs after the climax and reveals all the secrets.

The story was set in the same world but set in a new region of human occupied space outside of the Radch and featured a completely new cast of characters. The good news is that this story was every bit as good in quality as the original series. Leckie’s books have a weirdly sedate pace but there is plenty of intrigue, excellent world-building, interesting characters, mystery, and humor in the story so they This was a fantastic spin-off novel from Ann Leckie’s excellent Ancillary Justice series.

Leckie’s books have a weirdly sedate pace but there is plenty of intrigue, excellent world-building, interesting characters, mystery, and humor in the story so they always hold my full attention from start to finish. The story was good and had plenty of depth to it. We followed Ingray, the daughter of a Hwae politician, as she travelled to the neighbouring system of Tyr to break out the son of a political rival from prison.

Her goal was either to use Pahlad against his father to further her own families political aspirations or to use him against her own brother to further her own political aspirations within her own family! On top of that there is a few far reaching political situations that play a big role in the story.

The first is that recent developments have created tension between the three big system governments of Hwae, Tyr, and Omkem. The second is the fact that a Conclave has been called by the Presgar to judge if the rebel Radchaai AI’s should be granted sentient species status after their rebellion in the original trilogy.

Man in the Box – Sexual Euphemism 2