Tamil history from Sangam literature By far, the most important source of ancient Tamil history is the corpus of Tamil poems, referred to as Sangam literature , generally dated from the last centuries of the pre-Christian era to the early centuries of the Christian era. Akam inside and Puram outside. The akam poems deal with inner human emotions such as love and the puram poems deal with outer experiences such as society, culture and warfare. They contain descriptions of various aspects of life in the ancient Tamil country. The Sangam age anthology Pathirruppaththu provides the genealogy of two collateral lines for three or four generations of the Cheras, along with describing the Chera country, in general. It mentions Eelattu-unavu — food from Eelam — arriving at the port. The historical value of the Sangam poems has been critically analysed by scholars in the 19th and 20th centuries. Sivaraja Pillay, a 20th-century historian, while constructing the genealogy of ancient Tamil kings from Sangam literature, insists that the Sangam poems show no similarities with ancient Puranic literature and medieval Tamil literature, both of which contain, according to him, fanciful myths and impossible legends. He feels that the Sangam literature is, for the most part, a plain unvarnished tale of the happenings of a by-gone age. Venkata Subramanian, [10] Dr.

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Yamadwitheya , Bhatri Ditya Diwali in the Tamil Nadu is celebrated in the month of aipasi thula month ‘naraka chaturdasi’ thithi, preceding amavasai. The preparations for the Diwali Festival begin the day before, when the oven is cleaned, smeared with lime, four or five kumkum dots are applied, and then it is filled with water for the next day’s oil bath. The house is washed and decorated with kolam rangoli patterns with kavi red oxide.

It later emerged that a female Tamil Tiger (LTTE) suicide bomber had assassinated Rajiv Gandhi. In Mr Gandhi, then prime minister, had sent Indian peacekeeping forces to Sri Lanka in a disastrous attempt to impose peace in the country.

See Article History Tamil, people originally of southern India who speak Tamil , one of the principal languages of the Dravidian family. Numbering about 64 million in the early 21st century including about 3 million speakers in northern and eastern Sri Lanka , Tamil speakers make up the majority of the population of Tamil Nadu state and also inhabit parts of Kerala , Karnataka , and Andhra Pradesh states, all situated in the southernmost third of India.

Tamil schools of personal religious devotion bhakti have long been important in Hinduism, being enshrined in a literature dating back to the 6th century ce. Although the present-day Tamil are mostly Hindus, there are Christians, Muslims, and Jains among them. In the recent past, the Tamil area was also the home of the Dravidian movement that calls for the desanskritization and debrahmanization of Tamil culture , language, and literature.

The Tamil have a long history of achievement; sea travel, city life, and commerce seem to have developed early among them. Tamil trade with the ancient Greeks and Romans is verified by literary, linguistic, and archaeological evidence. The Tamil have the oldest cultivated Dravidian language, and their rich literary tradition extends back to the early Christian era. The Chera, Chola, Pandya, and Pallava dynasties ruled over the Tamil area before the Vijayanagar empire extended its hegemony in the 14th century, and these earlier dynasties produced many great kingdoms.

Under them the Tamil people built great temples, irrigation tanks, dams, and roads, and they played an important role in the transmission of Indian culture to Southeast Asia. The Chola, for example, were known for their naval power and brought the Malay kingdom of Sri Vijaya under their suzerainty in ce. Though the Tamil area was integrated culturally with the rest of India for a long time, politically it was for most of the time a separate entity until the advent of British rule in India.

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Velu was one of them. And not all Tamils are good. We have Tamil racists, too. His sentence was negotiated in a plea deal. I can’t reveal more about the case or his real name, which has been changed to protect his identity. He sounds defeated by the way things turned out in the years since he escaped Sri Lanka.

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It is a small hill station with an average elevation of 2, meters above sea level. The place is surrounded by thick forests and is located at the top of the Palani Hills. The establishment of the hill station dates back to which was founded as a refuge from the heat and the diseases of the tropical plains. Kodaikanal is famous for its scenic beauty and has a number of natural attractions that is the reason for its high tourist population.

The lakes, parks and different waterfalls along with the rich abundance of flora and fauna, the town, is indeed the gift of the forests. The place is a home to many natural marvels and phenomena such as the blooming of the rare Kurinji Flower which only blooms once in 12 years and is said to cover the entire valley in blue. With its various flora and natural and manmade attractions to enjoy, Kodaikanal will make you want to stay. How to Reach Air Madurai Airport in the city is the nearest airport with the best connectivity, about 3 hours away km.

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Decreței (from the Romanian language word decret, meaning “decree”; diminutive decrețel) are Romanians born in the late s and s, shortly after the communist regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu issued Decree , aimed at the creation of a new and large Romanian population by restricting abortion and contraception.

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Because the availability of contraceptive methods was poor, abortion was the most common means of family planning. Through a combination of modernization of the Romanian community, the high participation of women in the labor market and a low standard of living, the number of births significantly decreased since the s, reaching its lowest value in However, the leaders saw the decreasing number of births mainly as a result of the decree issued in that legalized abortion.

To counter this sharp decline of the population, the Communist Party decided that the Romanian population should be increased from 23 to 30 million inhabitants.

Tamilcube Shop Tamil test papers Tamil toys and games Tamil story books. Tamil Books Tamil assessment books. Tamil Jathagam birth chart with Rasi, nakshatra and lagnam in Tamil simply fill up the date and time of birth and location details below. You can also instantly print your jathagam in Tamil.

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Date, significance and history of the Tamil harvest festival The first harvest festival of the year, it is also referred to as Thai Pongal: Since it falls during the Tamil month of Thai. HT Correspondent Hindustan Times On Pongal, devotees thank the sun god for their crop, and pray for a bumper harvest the next year. The 4-day festival, celebrated across the globe wherever there is an Indian diaspora, starts on January 14 this year. It is also the name of a dish devotees prepare as part of their celebrations.

Pongal celebrations go back around 2, years and records suggest it was also celebrated during the time of the Chola Empire 9th th century.

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Each side has a long history of looking at the other’s sexual mores with a mixture of astonishment and disgust. The term termagant sums up the surprising way Westerners saw Muslim women before the seventeenth century. Here are some examples of customs and social attitudes from the Muslim side of the divide in reverse chronological order that have me, for one, shaking my head. I have made sure only to include instances in this weblog entry that represent a general outlook, and not just a single person’s idiosyncrasy, anecdotes that reflect the Shari’a or societal consensus, not deviants and outcasts.

Somali mother of eight stoned to death for taking a second husband: Somalia’s Al-Shabaab had Habiba Ali Isak, 30 and the mother of eight children, publicly stoned to death in the southern town of Sakow, Jubba, for having cheated on her husband by taking a second husband. She admitted she illegally married a second husband. According to the Islamic Sharia she was publicly stoned to death this afternoon.

Child marriages are increasing drastically in Yemen, due to the civil war and the poverty and the displacement it caused. A father ran out of cash while buying qat — leaves habitually chewed as a stimulant in Yemen — so he gave his daughter to the dealer in marriage. Another man married off his daughter three times in two years for repeated dowries, all before she turned In another case, a child bride who had been handed over by her father in exchange for a taxi bled to death after being forced to have sex days after her wedding.

May 28, Marrying off young daughters for the dowry in Yemen:

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The applicants then go through a year’s training programme designed to prepare them for suicide missions. Women have always played an important role in the LTTE armed forces and have their own brigades which work in tandem with the regular infantry, artillery and naval units. Black Tiger women go through the same training as their male colleagues. Their personnel include sea-going units, onshore marine engineers, maintenance personnel, naval communications and intelligence cadres, and, the commando Black Sea Tigers.

The LTTE craft vary from heavily armed gunboats and troop carriers to ocean going supply vessels, all most all designed and built indigenously. Some reports claim that they have mini-submarines bought from international arms dealers. Its members do not have military training but they do receive intensive instruction in a number of other areas including document forgery, gunrunning, communication technology, international freight shipping and investing.

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Mudaliar is much loved and respected by people of his locality and Billu is almost like a foster son to every person in the locality. Billu takes an instant liking for Susi Bhavana the moment he sets his eyes on her at the railway station. Susi, who has been craving for love and concern since young, gets impressed with the bonding that the Royapuram residents share. When a Godman predicts that Susi is the one for Billu, she is taken aback.

She dreads her father to a great extent and fears that things will go topsy-turvy if their relationship blossoms into love. But soon, she realizes that she cannot camouflage her feelings towards Billu and enjoys being in the company of Billu and his friend, when the unexpected occurs.

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The most mysterious figure in Tamil Nadu’s political history M. The most mysterious figure in Tamil Nadu’s political history Tamil Nadu’s peculiar brand of politics, inexorably entwined as it is with the state’s equally peculiar world of show business, has no parallel anywhere else in the country, or perhaps, in the world. The entire history of Tamil Nadu’s Dravidian movement is a fascinating study of the traditionally hybrid nature of the state’s politics.

That inherent political coupling has now been taken to dizzying heights by the state’s matinee idol Chief Minister M. MGR, as he is popularly known, is perhaps the most mysterious figure in Tamil Nadu’s political history. February 26, Ramachandran – a man possessed by the preservation of his personality The story of Tamil Nadu politics, it is sometimes said, can be neatly condensed to cover the size of any Tamil film poster.

If the concept holds good metaphorically, it is also literally true: Tamil film posters, in size, shape, content and colour, are like film posters nowhere else in the world. They are a world apart. Neither Hollywood in its heyday nor the brutal glories of Run Run Shaw’s epics can offer much competition.

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