Later Caroline started dating Stefan’s brother, Damon. The Sydney-born actress dazzled on the red carpet in a multicoloured outfit Standing on Phoebe’s left was her long-term boyfriend Paul, who looked dapper in a black and white tuxedo. Afterwards, Stefan, without his humanity, terrorizes Caroline and forces her to “lose control” and give into her murderous impulses as a form of revenge for burdening him with guilt when his humanity comes back. In Brave New World , Damon gave Caroline some of his blood to help her heal faster, but Katherine Pierce came and killed her afterwards. Caroline is separated from Stefan once again and he is forced to find victims with Damon for Cade to put into his hellish dimension. I think a part of me has been ready for this day since the moment I first saw you, the new mystery guy in the hallway at school. After going on the run together when Bonnie Bennett turns into the next Supernatural Huntress, Caroline and Stefan bond and maintain a new friendship. Caroline and Stefan talk, sharing a kiss together. While they do marry successfully, the most Katherine does is give Caroline her old necklace for the wedding.

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Somerhalder was born and raised in Covington, Louisiana , the son of Edna, a massage therapist, and Robert Somerhalder, an independent building contractor. He played Hamilton Fleming, the son of the dean of a prestigious boarding school. Despite his character’s death in the twentieth episode of the first season, Somerhalder returned to the role of Boone for seven more episodes between and , including the series finale.

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While the pair has shared a close friendship since the beginning of season two, their scenes in season five have been tinged with romantic chemistry, exciting the faction of fans who love “Steroline. But is a romance actually in the cards for Stefan and Caroline a la Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek or will they just stay friends? We refuse to acknowledge the road Gossip Girl took with Dan and Blair as an option here. Get scoop on The Vampire Diaries’ new fan favorite Enzo “I don’t want to speculate about where they end up, but I do think what has happened is a very strong friendship has developed between them, that’s been really special, and will continue to grow even more special,” executive producer Julie Plec teases.

Right now, we’re in the friend zone. We will slowly play it, it’s not just going to be this random thing that we waste and ruin it. We’re very careful about that. But it just doesn’t seem to be coming into fruition. Find out who recently died on TVD But how would Elena feel about her best friend and ex-boyfriend getting together? It’s always odd when your friends think about…it’s the friend code, girlfriend code, but I guess maybe not? I don’t think she’s ever noticed anything.

Do you want to see Stefan and Caroline get together? Or should they just stay friends? Sound off in the comments!

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Vampire diaries Stefan and Elena! Find this Pin and more on loves by lbalakhane Day 3 of The Vampire Diaries 30 day Photo Challenge – Favorite Couple Stefan and Elena. ️Cast vampire diaries dating real life · GitBook Gah these three are too dang sexy for their own good! See more.

Bond by MrBenzedrine reviews What happens at “Bond” stays at “Bond” -Hermione is taken out for drinks at club “Bond”, an establishment that can offer you anything from some alcohol and dancing to SO much more. When she, quite literally, falls into Draco Malfoy’s lap, will she open up her mind and explore sexual desires she never knew she had? For mature audiences only. Vampire Diaries – Rated: Stefan goes to Europe to track Katherine down before matters escalate, leaving Damon in Mystic Falls to watch over Elena.

As Elena and Damon grow inexorably closer, she struggles to deal with the reality that Stefan might not be the only Salvatore brother with a place in her heart. In the end, things aren’t ever quite what you expect – but they usually end up being exactly like you need them. Love stronger than time by Hope reviews Elena is a young slave on the Salvatore plantation, still figuring out the meaning of life. What happens when Giuseppe Salvatore’s eldest son returns?

Between by ThreeJays reviews When right and wrong fail and black and white blur, all that is left between them is goodbye.

The Vampire Diaries

If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Goodbye home, goodbye brother, goodbye old Elena! Why did you feel it was necessary to kill him? This whole year has been about the evolution of Elena as a vampire, starting from a girl who expressly claimed it was the last thing she wanted. And then just as she was finally getting a handle on it, the sire bond problem reared its ugly head.

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The show revolves around the lives of the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon — two vampires who were born in the 19th century, as they return to their hometown of Mystic Falls in 21st century Virginia. The two become interested in a selfless and beautiful teenage girl, Elena Gilbert. As the plot unfolds, secrets are discovered, and old enemies return. Stefan, Damon, Elena, and their friends, are forced to constantly defend the town — and one another — against supernatural threats.

Between vampires, witches, werewolves, and hybrids — The Vampire Diaries created an entire mystical world that draws viewers in, proving itself to be much more than just a teen drama. And before being outranked by Arrow, The Vampire Diaries continued to be the most watched series on the network. While reviews were mixed at first, they got much better as the show progressed.

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Paul Wesley, one of the stars of the beloved vampire-drama series, has recently taken on directing some of the episodes, and interviewed with TV Line to discuss his career. Last we left them , there was the implication that they would soon be really together. Here’s what he had to say:

The main female, One of the many doppelgangers, Stefan and Damon’s love, The “key”, Played by Nina Dobrev. Stefan Salvatore One of the Salvatore brothers, One of the sets of doppelgangers, In love with Elena (for the most part), The main ripper, Played by Paul Wesley.

Elena is in a car with Stefan. Elena told him he doesnt have to love the new her, he just has to let the old one go. But while resting she keeps hallucinating and “seeing” Damon. Jeremy wants Elena to attend graduation. Vanessa mistakes Elena for Katherine and shoots a crossbow at her, but Damon jumps in front of her.. She told him his whole world revolves around her so maybe he needs to turn it off, too.

Neither of them can live without Damon, he says, but he has to knowing what hes lost. Elena and Stefan get into a fight, and Stefan disappears..

The vampire diaries

Who is Ian Somerhalder’s girlfriend? Who is Ian Somerhalder’s wife? Is Ian Somerhalder single? Who is Ian Somerhalder married to? Who is Paul Wesley Dating? Who is Paul Wesley’s girlfriend?

Elena Antonov Michaels, the only known female werewolf and lover to the Werewolf Packs bodyguard. Clayton Danvers is her partner/husband/mate, with whom she has two children (twins) Logan and Katherine. Elena currently lives in Bear Valley, New York, and is the current North American Werewolf.

Random Article Blend As shows age, actors and actresses begin to leave or, depending on the nature of the series, get their characters killed off. Apparently, The Vampire Diaries is no exception. This week, series lead Nina Dobrev announced she will be quitting the longtime CW show at the end of this TV season to take a break and pursue other projects. The actress, who plays Elena Gilbert as well as a variety of other characters on the CW drama, broke the news on Monday to her slew of Instagram followers in a lengthy message that looked back on her time on the hit show.

I always knew I wanted Elena’s story to be a six season adventure, and within those six years I got the journey of a lifetime. I was a human, a vampire, a doppelganger, a crazy immortal, a doppelganger pretending to be human, a human pretending to be a doppelganger. I got kidnapped, killed, resurrected, tortured, cursed, body-snatched, was dead and undead, and there’s still so much more to come before the season finale in May.

Elena’s been a huge presence on The Vampire Diaries since it first began airing back in As she notes in her farewell speech, a lot of things have happened to her character s , and before she leaves, showrunner Julie Plec says she will have a few more things to tackle, telling THR that Damon and Elena will need to figure out some stuff before Dobrev can make her big exit. There is quite the doozy of a storyline coming for Damon and Elena, which is all about their relationship, and how it will work, and how they want to make it work.

The whole thing is a bit hilarious, considering Dobrev and Ian Somerholder actually dated in real life before breaking up. The fact that they might end up together on the TV series is all kinds of weird. Still, we’ll be sad to see Dobrev go, especially considering she’s not the only person who will or has left The Vampire Diaries. McQueen , who is known for playing Elena’s brother Jeremy on the drama, left the show.

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Does Elena die in Vampire Diaries? In the books she dies when her car plunges into the river in an accident caused by Katherine and later wakes up as a vampire. In the Season 3 finale, she dies when Matt attempts to swerve around Rebekah, who’s told Stefan that she and Elijah are tired of running and want to get rid of Alaric. Est…her, the Original witch, had performed a spell binding both Elena and Alaric’s life together so when she looses conscioussness under the water, he also dies.

However, Meredith tells Damon that when Jeremy brought Elena in earlier that evening she had suffered a cerebral haemorrhage so she decided to help her i. In the morgue, Elena suddenly awakens gasping for air.

Fanpop quiz: Are Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev dating in real life? – See if you can answer this Stefan & Elena trivia question!

Video about does elena and damon dating in real life: Damon and Elena finally together!! While they wound up posing for a few photo ops together later on in the night, they didnt give a definitive answer to the question of their coupledom by their red carpet behavior. Elena not wanting Damon to decide so quickly and resent her one day, knowing how much he loves being a vampire, asks for Stefan’s help, to show Damon a brutal human life with Elena.

Stefan makes Damon realize how stupid he was acting and he decides to try and win her back. So they’ll still be seeing quite a bit of each other. Getty Images A month later, Nina seemed to flat-out deny the romance rumors to Teen Vogue but admitted to understanding how people could suspect they were an item.

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder Kiss & Address Breakup! (PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2014)